Thursday, 3 February 2011

Upcycled sideboard

This sideboard was donated to us by a family member. As you can see its pretty horrid, so i decided i would paint it and perhaps decoupage the doors, My mum donated a tin of tapestry green craig and rose paint that she didn't like, And to save money i decided that i would use this it.

It took two coats of the green.

 Helped by my son.

I used the tesco cath kidson type shabby chic napkins that i used to upcycle the round table to decoupage the sliding doors. I think they worked quite well, they went translucent so showed the green paint underneath. (they are still wet here, but look better now they are dry) Let me know what you think. This upcycle must have cost around £2 and only took 4 hours (including paint drying time)

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