Friday, 19 February 2010

Life on the move

2 years ago i bought i ran the business by myself for a year then we moved and i kept lb's closed. my domain is due to expire at the end of the month and i have been having a really hard think about if i want to carry on LB's. I made everything myself including cloth nappies and covers, wrap slings, childrens clothes, personalised blankets and cozytoes, bibs etc etc. the domain of lottiesbotties was very very limited and i didnt really think of that when i bought it. the domain didnt suit the shop when i decided to start making other things, so im giving it up.

last year i bought the domain thinking i could start a different shop perhaps selling other peoples things, but never got round to it.

ive been thinking hard about where im going to go now. When we move, the baby is still to small for me to really open up again yet but i think perhaps in the summer we may launch again. so i have just bought im trying to source some material for woven wraps, im going to create my own babywearing bag and maybe some other stuff.. perhaps stock someone elses meitais.. i dunno.. i need to think a whole lot. but there we go.. i feel sad that im giving up lottiesbotties. but im not interested in putting a lot of effort in for hardly any money. so nappies arnt going to work for us anymore.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mrs munch.. the spoilt friend

Sarah and i have become good friends over the past few months. She spoilt me the other day so in return Eloise is getting a meitai for her birthday and Georgie is getting a phant... His favorite of all things i just need to give it some eyes and its finished.

Sarah is also getting a gift.. but it went squiff while i was sewing it so im not talking to it at the moment.

Anyway here we go.

Well.. Here goes!

This is the start of my blogging. I wonder if every ones starts off like this?.
I have decided to start a blog so i can keep a record of all my crafts and decorating over the next few months, because we are moving next week this is going to be a fresh start for us :)